Wacky Accommodation You Have To See To Believe

It’s holiday time! You rush to the computer and book the most interesting hotel – the one which looks like it can make your holiday a dreamy trip towards endless relaxation and tons of fun. Times goes by and before you know it, you are sipping your drink at the hotel, but it’s exactly what you’ve seen before, which makes it a little disappointing. Check out these out of ordinary, out of the box and out of ordinary hotels and start thinking about your next holiday!

Costa Verde, Costa Rica

If the perspective of buying luxury accommodation in a “shipwrecked” plane is not giving you nightmares, you should spend couple of nights in the 1965 vintage Boeing turned into a luxury resort. You can find it in Costa Verde, offering a breathtaking view on the jungle and the coastal shores in Quepos, Costa Rica. For more information about the luxury accomodation in Port Lincoln, just click this link http://www.portlincolnholiday.com.au/oxford-holiday-house/.

Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria

You would normally pity those who sleep in sewing pipes, but in Austria you can pay for this luxury accommodation. And it’s all real! The managers of Das Park hotel put to use several sewing pipes and turned them into ultra hipster accommodation, which also happens to be way more luxurious than you can possibly imagine.

The Castle, China

In the middle of China you surely don’t expect to see a dreamy Bavarian castle, but you have to know it exists. In Dalian and it is named The Castle – very smart! The builders also paid a lot of attention to the location, so the impressive château sits on top of a mountain, offering a stunning view upon the area.

Manta Resort, Zanzibar

After castles, planes and pipes, you expect something really WOW, right? What about an underwater resort? Manta Resort is a three level building which floats in the middle of the ocean and offers underwater accommodation: the master bedroom is a glass box fully submerged under the sea level. Not for the claustrophobic, but it does offer an amazing view upon the underwater wildlife.

Faralda crane, Amsterdam, Netherlands

How about a 360 degrees view from your hotel room? This is what the Faralda hotel has to offer, thanks to their suits located inside a crane. You’ve read well – a crane! The interior design hardly reminds you that you are dangling up in the sky, being really modern, yet one look on the window is going to take your breath for the next weeks, that’s for sure.

When you check out these suites you might want to double check your insurance, just in case your body is going to refuse the luxury height or another special from these hotels.

Summer Vacation Ideas For Families

Going on vacation as a family, especially if you have young children, can sometimes be quite stressful – especially if you’re looking for somewhere that you can all have fun both adults and children alike. Although it can be hard at times to find a vacation deal that’s suitable for both adults and children, there are many great holiday ideas that you might like. Here’s just a few.


Not only is it cheap, camping is a great way to have fun, see the great outdoors, and will also be a great experience for your kids. Whether you like to take the more ‘rugged’ approach and choose to stay in tent, or want to go a little bit more upmarket with ‘glamping’ in a cabin or tepee, or even stay in a caravan or camper van, camping is a great vacation idea that doesn’t have to cost the earth and can be a really good way to have fun as a family.

Activity Holidays

There are a wide range of holiday options available where you’ll be able to take your family on a trip to somewhere that provides activities on site for both adults and kids, such as accommodation family friendly holiday parks. The great thing about many of these places is that there’s always something for everybody to do, whether it be playing sports, swimming, games and activities such as a water park, and definitely lots of things for children to enjoy. You may also find that holiday parks and centres such as these also hold activities ran by trained staff which you can leave in charge of your children’s supervision, meaning that you can get a way for a while and relax without the kids. For more information regarding accommodation family continue reading here for additional info.

Beach Holidays

Taking your kids on vacation to a sunny, beach area is a great idea. Not only are beaches a great place for kids to play and have fun, they’re also great for adults to sunbathe and relax in the sunshine. Many beach areas will also have many activities that are great for families, such as boat rides, swimming, and even exploring dolphin areas and sea caves, depending on where you go. If you choose to go on a beach holiday, however, don’t forget to take plenty of sunscreen – you don’t want your little ones getting sunburnt. If you need accommodation go to homepage for further details.

Factors To Be Considered After Relocating To A New Place

Relocation is a big headache as so many things need to be done in a short period of time. Proper planning and execution is the only key to successful shifting without much tension and stress. However, after relocating you need to start off with your routine as soon as possible which is the toughest part. However, the following can help you in easy moving process.

House hunt
The first thing that needs to be done is to hunt for a house in the new place. Till the time your own personal things and furniture reaches your place it is a great idea to stay in furnished apartments Brisbane that comes at reasonable rents. You also get all the comfort of a home like the furniture, kitchen accessories and other gadget to make your life after relocating to new place easier and convenient. You can stay in such apartments and search for a house and when you hit upon one you can shift to the new house.

Movers and packers
The next aspect is that the goods and other furniture of the house that was packed from the old house needs to be shifted and arranged at the respective places. Many movers and packers allow some time for the family to find a new house in the new location. Till then the family stays in the furnished apartments and carries on routine activities without any hassles. On shifting to new house, start unpacking things that are most essential to start off the routine. Then gradually move on to other items. This way you will have a comfortable and easier shifting process.

Dump the unwanted
This is the rule to follow while you pack from your old house. It is a great time to dump all the unwanted stuff that you would have accumulated all these years but never gave a thought about it. Similarly make sure that while you start unpacking your items in your new house, if you still find things that are no more needed, owing to space constraint or usability, it is still a good idea to dump them rather than cluttering your home.

Explore your neighborhood
After shifting to the new house, it is very important to know your neighbors. Pay a casual visit to the short stay apartments near you and get friendly with them This will help in socializing and also from safety point of view this is utmost important. Also, explore the nearby areas to know about the shops and other facilities that are available in the new locality. If you have children then it is very important to know about the hospitals in the locality as emergencies may happen at the most unexpected time.